About Us

Our company has been active in packaging industry since 1963. In 2004, with the leadership of Mr. Abidin Altintas, we have started to serve beverage industry under the name of AL-CAP.

AL-CAP, by combining its experience of production with the latest production technologies  and raw materials, has started to serve beverage industry with plastic and aliminium caps at first.

At the moment AL-CAP is serving beverage companies with plastic, metal and aliminium caps over 20 countries worldwide.

AL-CAP uses superior compression moulding machines for production of plastic caps which are approved by leading international bottlers. AL-CAP also produces 1810 type French Fullytop AF2PN licenced caps and its shorter version 1881 type caps. The caps can be used  for PCO and BPF neck finish bottles and suitable for CSD and still beverages.

Crown corks produced by AL-CAP can be used for returnable and non-returnable glass bottles. They are produced with Non-PVC liner material and are also suitable for  CSD drinks, mineral waters, beers and juices.

28 x 15,5mm Aluminum   R.O.P.P. caps can be used for standard screw, non returnable bottles. They can be produced with PVC Granulate and PVC Free liner material and are suitable for CSD and still beverages.

Since 2004, AL-CAP has started working towards water sector and produces 29mm, 29mm conic, 38mm, 48mm and 55mm plastic caps for various types of pet bottles. The raw materials used are in compliance with food safety regulations and do not change the taste or color of the products.

Since then, AL-CAP’s caps have became widely known in the market with its quality and high level of standards.

AL-CAP produces two types of handles for 5, 8 and 10 litre bottles which are suitable with 38mm and 48mm caps. Preferably, they could be used both for automatic and manual use.

AL-CAP provides colored print and engraved logo options on the outer surface of aluminum, metal and plastic caps and laser (promotional )print options inside the caps.

Your business partner AL-CAP provides wide range of products to meet demands of water and CSD bottlers in all over the World. AL-CAP keeps investing in innovations with its enviromentalist and innovative point of view.

Social conformity of AL-CAP was inspected by independent auditors and has been registered to Sedex  System.

With 9001 Quality Management System Certificate; FSCC 22000 Food Safety System Certification; OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and 14001 Environmental Management System s AL-CAP is an approved  supplier of the biggest, well known bottlers World wide.

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